Secure IoT

Inverness to Aberdeen IoT projects using long range LoRa modems.

IoT what is it.

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, sensors, actuators, and secure network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data

Each IoT devices needs to communicate with a service, another device or human. For this we use many types of communication, taken from the IT world & new IoT hardware. Data can be both sent to and received from IoT devices. IoT devices may have a backup medium for logging data while not connected to your network. This is also used when the data volume is to high for transmitting. IoT devices only send small packets of data normally less than 255 bytes.

Types of IoT.

Peer to Peer

This is when your IT hardware talks to a IoT edge node direct. These devices with TCP/UDP/IP are a threat to the internet. Secure locations ban these devices for good reason.

Peer to Gateway

The secure gateway here is the interface between the IoT world & the IT world. This is the key point in security design. We will use Microchip SAML11 for our Secure IoT gateway.

We don't design systems that allow the IoT edge nodes to talk to the IT world directly or vice versa. Now we use an isolated Secure IoT system we reduce the risk of IoT harming the Internet. Hardware public key cryptography will be used on all bespoke IoT projects requiring real security.

What are LoRa modem's.

LoRa stands for Long Range and it is a technology that uses unlicensed spectrum below 1GHz along with a form of direct sequence spread spectrum modulation that provides signal detection below the noise level. Ranges of over 6 Km have already been achieved in Forres, Moray.